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Who Are We

Who Are We

Ankara Patent, founded in the year 1964 by Hayri Dericioğlu, a visionary who dedicated himself to the development of the Turkish industry, has at all times been a pioneer in the sector with its know-how, experience and technological infrastructure in its journey started with and accompanied by the first industrialists of Turkey. The torch first lit by Hayri Dericioğlu and his sons Mehmet Kaan Dericioğlu and Emin Korhan Dericioğlu is being successfully carried by the third generation today.

Having an innovative and flexible structure, Ankara Patent Bureau, with its around eighty employees, all of them being among the most qualified actors of the sector, does not only strive for protecting and sustaining all kinds and types of intellectual property rights, but also offers consultancy services on intellectual capital management, which has become very requisite and valuable in our day.

After departing in 1964, its year of foundation, with the goal of raising the awareness of a handful of Turkish industrialists on Intellectual Property by informing them thereabout, our Company is now advising to its clients in the course of their commercial processes as to how their intellectual capital must be managed, aside from handling and pursuing their legal proceedings and processes in connection therewith.
The objective of Ankara Patent is to increase the competitive power of its clients against their competitors. To put it differently, we are striving:

  • To ensure that our clients outdistance their competitors in terms of technology (patent), recognition (trademark) and noticeability (design and trademark); and
  • To provide our clients with financial gains out of their intellectual capital through licensing, transfer or attachment; and
  • To prevent material or moral losses of our clients in association with intellectual property.

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